About Us

After two years trying to figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up and a little bit of soul searching I realized that I have always taken meaningful photos over the course of my life. I was always the one sticking a lens in someone’s face to capture a real action shot that we could laugh, cry or smile at another time. I had only taken one photography class in college during my Graphic Design studies but took more shortly before starting my own business.

My last name, Jurisich, did not present the most perfect option for a business name as most people can’t spell it much less pronounce it without sounding like a practice conversation on a Rosetta Stone tape. After much debate and brainstorming ‘Sweet Honeybee’ sounded like a perfect cross between the meaning of my name, Melissa=Honeybee, and the great Sweet Melissa lyrics sung by the Allman Brothers. I’m hardworking, kind (well my husband may tell you otherwise), incredibly devoted to extending my creativity so that you can have pictures to last a lifetime of the things that matter most in life, your family!

I decided I wanted to focus on newborns. Maybe it is just the fad of this time but the newborn pictures with tiny babies in buckets & cute headbands just fit right in to my ‘little fingers and tiny toes’ life that I am currently living.  I thought I could help more people capture art of their little ones without the overwhelming feeling if they will get exactly what they wanted out of their session. While I will try most any new endeavor, I truly enjoy the birth & newborns the most. The sweetness of new life is what makes it easy for me to capture a beautiful image. I take each session with a new attitude to grow artistically & personally!

I created this venture to help people capture their special moments. So I am willing to work with you with the utmost attention to detail, patience, and unique sessions possible. Please feel free to email or call me with any questions. I look forward to working with each and every one of you to create a new experience in MY Sweet Honeybee plan.